Friday, September 17, 2010

BEAM Making Waves at CEDIA

Most everyone has seen or heard about the annual Consumer Electronics Show that is held in Las Vegas every year. Well a not-to-distant cousin is about to have it's annual event across the country in Atlanta.

It's the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association's annual convention and trade show, the CEDIA Expo. The members of CEDIA are the businesses that sell and install home electronics -- everything from home audio and home theatre to security systems. In fact many of the top BEAM dealers in the U.S. are members of CEDIA and will be attending the show.

It's also a place where manufacturers make waves -- and not just those that make audio systems. BEAM will be introducing a number of new products to dealers that are bound to show up in dealer showrooms during the next several months. We'll showcase those products here next week. BEAM will be helping CEDIA members with a series of seminars featuring Rodney Webb -- one of the top sales consultants in the home products industry.