Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remodling Season is Here

The return of warm weather throughout the country also marks the return of the home improvement season. Odds are you'll be among the millions of homeowners who will spend an estimated $113 billion on home remodling projects this year.

Certainly, most projects will add value to your home, but not necessarily as much as they will cost. Installing a BEAM Central Vacuum System comes very close, typically adding $1,200 or more to the value of the home. Plus, it will improve the air quality of the home.

Remodeling magazine has put together an excellent online tool to compare the cost and the value of a number of major improvements. And it breaks down the cost and benefits by region and by scale.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mama Loves Her BEAM

It's fairly common for people to move into an existing home that is equipped with an old central vacuum. That was the case for Brett Martin, her husband three young children and white Labrador moved into a 1970s era home in Ohio. The old central vacuum power unit wasn't doing the job and the hose was worn out. So she relied on uprights to clean the house.

Brett, who founded the popular blog, Mamalovesherbargains, decided to give a central vacuum another try. She learned how a BEAM Central Vacuum System can relieve allergies -- an important consideration since one of her sons has allergies. She chose the BEAM Serenity QS Central Vacuum System with the BEAM Q PowerTeam. 

"We were wowed," she wrote.

Read her full product review.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BEAM Featured in Builder Concept Homes

One of the highlights of the International Builders Show is the unveiling of new homes that showcase the latest products and design. Centerline homes has built three near Orlando that are featured as Builder magazine's Builder Concept Homes for 2012.

Each of the homes is designed for a different generation in a community that seeks an broad mix of homes and homeowners. There's a Gen B home for Baby Boomers, a Gen X home and a Gen Y home.

BEAM Serenity IQS Central Vacuum Systems were installed in the Gen B and Gen X homes to assure healthy indoor air quality.